Team Structure

Our team has many roles that are filled by our student members. We have segmented our team structure into the Business and Engineering teams as below.

Business Teams



Engineering Teams

Team Organization


Team Descriptions:

Robot Design: Using FRC game challenge as a guide creates a visual robot model to strategically accomplish tasks.

Controls and Programming: Codes robot to control drive train and manipulators both during autonomous and tele-operated portions of competition. Creating and implementing the layout of all robot electrical systems.

Mechanical Fabrication: Fabricates, assembles and modifies the team robot drive train and manipulator using the team created design model.

Drive Team: Controls the robot on the field and reports malfunctions to pit captain.

Strategy and Scouting Team: Analyze teams and robots to create a comprehensive list of attributes for the purpose of game play strategy and alliance selection.

Business Management: Creates sponsor and community communication and coordinates outreach. Manages team scheduling and goals.

Website and Social Media: Builds, updates and maintains team website and social media outlets for the purposes of sponsor and community outreach and creating and maintaining connections with other FIRST teams.

Safety Captain: Ensures team follows FIRST recommended safety procedures, does periodic safety inspections of fabrication areas and materials, is a member of pit crew who ensures safety and assists in medical interventions (if necessary) at all build days and competitions.