Team Formation

The Rochester Community Schools system, in Rochester Hills, Michigan, has three high schools, but only two of those schools had FIRST FRC teams; Rochester FEDS FIRST Team 201 and Rochester Adams FIRST Team 245. The AdamBots, FIRST Team 245, did allow students from the newer high school, Stoney Creek, on their team for a few years. However, the number of students from Adams joining the team grew so large that they finally had to cut-off registrations from Stoney Creek.

In keeping with the mission of FIRST, the AdamBots started a three year process of trying to get an FRC team at Stoney Creek. The AdamBots worked with the Rochester Community Schools administration office, the principal at Stoney Creek High School, and the head of FIRST in Michigan to finally get approval for the new FRC FIRST Team 5436 in October 2014. We identified a school employee to be the official sponsor, Mrs. Dipannita Mukherjee, and procured a meeting room at the high school. Mr. and Mrs. Drummer were the initial lead mentors of our team, and our current lead mentor is Mr. David Carlson.

In our first year, 2015, the team registered for two FIRST in Michigan District competitions. We started with thirteen student members and several mentors. After discussion on possible names, the team selected Cyber Cats to represent both the Stoney Creek cougar mascot and the robotics theme. The team started working on marketing materials, uniforms and developing several logos. By doing all of this, we had laid the foundation to become a strong and successful team.