Sean Miller

What grade are you in?
9th Grade
How many years have you been on the Cyber Cats?
What sub-teams are you on?
 Electrical, Mechanical, and CAD
In what ways do you and your sub team help the team?
 On Electrical and Mechanical, we build the robot. We make sure everything is put together properly, and ready to go to competition. In CAD, we design the robot digitally, and it’s not just another way to look at our robot. It is also something that the judges at the competitions look for.
What is FIRST to you?
 I think FIRST is an awesome organization, that lets kids be creative, and innovative. It also trains kids engineering skills, and business skills, and many other things that will help you later in life. It has taught me a lot of that.
What is your favorite memory so far about robotics?
 I haven’t had much experience yet, but my favorite memory would have to be building the robot. I just find it fun to put the robot together, and work on the machinery.
Why did you decide to join robotics?
I first started out on Hart Middle Schools team in 7th grade. I thought it would be fun to get into, and it was something that I liked to do. I haven’t left robotics since, and i don’t plan on it.
What do you want to learn this season?
I want to learn CAD. I know a lot about it, but its more of the basic stuff. I’d really like the learn how to make more complex parts, and how to 3D Print them.
What are three fun facts about yourself?
  1. I enjoy video games
  2. I enjoy fishing
  3. I enjoy everything engineering