Kieren Fulkerson

 What grade are you in?
12th Grade
 How many years have you been on the Cyber Cats?
What sub-teams are you on?
Leader of CAD but have helped on Business, Photo/Video, Programming, Design, and Scouting
Why did you join the Cyber Cats?
I joined the Cyber Cats because this team was my first opportunity to do the things I love in a club.
What have you learned from being on the team?
I have learned to be a larger team player. I have learned to improve my skills to prepare for life. Most important, I learned there is a world full of people just like me whom I can make memories with that will last a lifetime.
What is FIRST to you?
FIRST is a family. FIRST is a place I can go when nothing else goes right, I can show up and someone is not only there to support me but pick me up and get me rolling again. FIRST is a place to get real work experiences in an environment that encourages creativity and innovation. A place where you could be up against a team then be laughing with them at lunch 10 minutes later.
What is your favorite memory from robotics?
My first Michigan states competition. I made friends from all over the state and it quickly became my favorite memory of all time. It even surpassed Hawaii and Europe.
What are 3 fun facts about you?
1) I love to dance and have been told I’m good at it. Well I learned how to dance from the Step Up movies.
2) A genre of my music called Nightcore is my favorite genre.
3) I played 6 sports before robotics. (Tennis, Football, Soccer, Bowling, Basketball, Lacrosse)