Jason Pae

 What grade are you in?
 11th Grade
 How many years have you been on the Cyber Cats?
What sub-teams are you on?
 Mechanical and Digital Media, Business
In what ways do you and your sub-team help the team?
Mechanical fabricates and assembles parts for the robot. Digital media is in charge of managing the website and social media.
What is FIRST to you?
FIRST is a platform where passionate adults and students can work as a team while learning and growing from each other. It’s definitely “More than robots”™
What is your favorite memory so far about robotics?
Being in the winning alliance at the MARC off-season competition
Why did you decide to join robotics?
I thought being on a robotics team would be a cool experience. I stayed because I realized how much love and passion goes into building and competing with these robots, and every day I go home feeling inspired.
What do you want to learn this season?
How to be a good leader as well as team member
What are three fun facts about yourself?
1. I’ve lived in La Jolla and San Diego, California
2. I really like playing the piano
3. Favorite color is cyan