Greg Philp

 What is your career?
Strategy & Engineering Consultant to the US Government
 How many years have you been on the Cyber Cats?
What sub-teams are you mentoring?
Business Team and Purchasing
In what way do you and your sub team help the team?
We purchase, track, and report costs for the parts and equipment needed to build the robot.
What is FIRST to you?
It’s a great opportunity for students to experience how a business would operate in the design, manufacture, and business management of a competitive product and learn what might interest them as a career path.
What is your favorite memory so far about robotics?
Seeing how the students solve problems.
What do you want to learn this season?
Since this is my first year, I’d like to learn the basics.
What are some goals you have for the season?
Establish a streamlined purchasing process so that the right parts are ordered and received on time. Ensure that important information from the purchased parts and materials are communicated to the teams to perform their tasks effectively. Continually look for areas to improve.
What are 3 fun facts about you?
1. I’m an Engineer by education, but only worked as one for 2 years.

2. I love running and working out at the gym and do so 5 to 6 days per week.

3. My son and daughters have convinced me to grow my hair after shaving my head for 9 years.