David Graham

What grade are you in?
11th Grade
How many years have you been on the Cyber Cats?
What sub-teams are you on?
 Mechanical Team, and CAD
In what ways do you and your sub-team help the team?
My main team (CAD) assists in spatial orientation and planning the robot as well as testing some basic movements.
What is FIRST to you?
 As great way to apply many mathematical and engineering skills.
What is your favorite memory so far about robotics?
 The legend of Beefcake.
Why did you decide to join robotics?
 To go for the scholarships
What do you want to learn this season?
How to better organize a team of people.
What are three fun facts about yourself?
  1. I am a State level Swimmer.
  2. I have lived in 7 different states & Mexico
  3. I have built my own computer